Track List: The Bee Gees - Lost And Found

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The Bee Gees - Lost And Found on CD-R
# Track Title Artist Composer Time
Alexander's Ragtime Band - Live In Melbourne 1974    Irving Berlin  1:29 
Dean Martin Sketch  Andy Gibb   3:40 
Being Home  Maurice Gibb Maurice Gibb  3:30 
City Of Angels (Part Only)      1:09 
Don't Take My Good Times Away (Part Only)    Barry Gibb  0:28 
Give Me A Glass Of Wine  Maurice Gibb Maurice Gibb  3:00 
I Lay Down And Die - alternate version    Barry Gibb, Maurice Gibb  3:23 
I Miss You  Anne Sheeton, The Bee Gees   2:38 
Kangoory Dance      1:09 
10  Let It Be  Barry Gibb John Lennon, Paul McCartney  0:50 
11  Let Me Love You - Interview on TOTP    Barry Gibb  1:10 
12  Let Me Love You (Part Of)    Barry Gibb  0:15 
13  Let Me Love You    Barry Gibb  2:03 
14  Let Your Heart Out (Part Of)    Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb, Maurice Gibb  0:33 
15  Love Is Just A Calling Card (Part Of)    Robin Gibb, Maurice Gibb  0:36 
16  Morning Sun    Barry Gibb, Vince Melouney  3:00 
17  Mrs. Gillespie's Refrigerator    Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb  2:58 
18  Remember The Days      2:03 
19  She's Like The Devil  Andy Gibb   2:08 
20  Thank Heaven For Girls  Andy Gibb   1:48 
21  To Dance Again    Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb, Maurice Gibb  2:05 
22  Touch And Understand Love  Maurice Gibb Maurice Gibb, Billy Lawrie  1:03 
23  We Can Conquer The World (Part Of)    Robin Gibb, Maurice Gibb  0:42 
24  Westfield Mansion  Andy Gibb Andy Gibb  3:09 
25  What A Wonderful You  Maurice Gibb   2:53 
26  What's New Mary Jane  Maurice Gibb Maurice Gibb  3:17 
27  Woman      2:27 
28  Come Some Christmas Eve Or Halloween  Robin Gibb Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb, Maurice Gibb  0:57 
Total Time: 54:23