ashing hair, make sure you have the appropriate tools on hand to make the process easier. A gentle cleansing shampoo and a plastic cup go a long way to washing and rinsing hair. Massage a dollop of shampoo to hair, then use the cup filled with water to pour over the sha mpooed hair, rinsing away the soap. Make sure to shield the eyes with one hand, so no soap gets in the eye.1 Lose weight. Double chins aren't always the result of growing older. Monitoring your diet and increasing your exercise levels can improve your appearance signifi cantly. 2 Target your chin with facial yoga exercises, such as the ceiling kiss. While sitting in a chair, tilt your head backward and lift your head as if trying to kiss the ceiling. 3 Strengthen your platysma muscle to get rid of a double chin. This muscle is responsi ble for the jawbone and the corners of your mouth. Start by opening your mouth wide and stretch your bottom tip over your lower teeth. .

double chins at bay. But, remember to chew sugar-free gum. 5 Slap under the chin with the back of your hand. Go slow to begin with and aim to quicken the speed. For good effect aim, for three sessions of two minutes daily. 6 Consider laser chin surgery if other methods don't work. Surgery can be very painful, so it isn't a decision that should ever be taken lightly.Eyebrow Lifts Lifting your brows man ually with your fingers is a great way to strengthen your brow and forehead muscles to better support your eyebrows. This method also w ill not promote forehead lines. Place your three middle fingers directly under the arch of your eyebrow. Relax the palms of your hands against your face so that you can easily push your eyebrows up and away from your face. The tension of this process trains your eyebrow s to sit higher. Eyebrow Resistance Creating eyebrow resistance strengthens your eyebrow and forehead muscles by using the eyebrows' ac .

brows. Repeat Exercises Repeat the process of the eyebrow lift followed by eyebrow resistance, but this time hold the resistance for 10 seconds. On the seventh second, slowly close your eyes while manually lifting your eyebrows up. Repeat this twice more.Repeating this regimen daily will brighten up your face, giving you a natural eyebrow lift. You may feel the work of your brow muscles almost instantl y, and within a few weeks you'll begin to notice a difference.1 Pull the crown to your watch all the way until it stops. 2 Look at the current time on a properly set clock. Turn the dial on the watch until it is set one minute past the current time. 3 Push the crown bac k in completely when the times on the watch and the clock are synchronized. The clock will begin to keep time automatically.1 Straighte n your hair. Comb the hair outwards with a hairbrush. Place a brush under a section of hair and comb through it, so that the edge of th .