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Walls Have Eyes is a holy grail among Bee Gees fans, to put it mildly. I have a pretty interesting story, I think, to go along with just how I got my hands on it myself. I won this CD on eBay in May 2000 in an auction where the seller incorrectly listed the artist as Andy Gibb. Then in the July issue of Discoveries magazine (which is no longer being published) in a regularly featured column called Secondary Market Watch, which among other things mentions winning bids for various auctions, Robin Platts, the column's author, mentioned my auction and included a funny remark about some eBay sellers not knowing what they're doing.

To say the least, I was quite surprised that my auction was mentioned in the magazine. I had wondered if there was ever anything special enough about an auction where either the buyer or seller would recognize it as being theirs; then it happened to me! This experience also inspired a letter that I wrote to Discoveries, which they subsequently published.

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